2018 Pattern Club – 300 Book folding patterns!

£ 17.50

All of my 2018 Patterns together in one Bundle! See description below for full pattern list!

You will receive a ZIPPED folder with all 300 patterns inside and a searchable pattern index included. You will need an UNZIP APP to ‘unpack’ and open it. Most pcs and laptops have this already installed now. right click on the folder and click extract all. Some phones need an app downloading like winzip which is free.


This listing is for 300 book folding patterns!

All of my 2018 Patterns together in one Bundle! See description below for full pattern list!

You will receive a ZIPPED folder with all 300 patterns inside with a pdf pattern index plus an excel searchable pattern index included. You will need an UNZIP APP to open it. Most pcs and laptops have this already installed now. right click on the folder and click extract all. Some phones need an app downloading like winzip which is free.

All my patterns use the measure and mark method and are in centimetres.

All the patterns I sell have been designed by me, therefore the rights are mine. No part of the pattern is to be sold or shared. But you may sell the books you make using it.

Results will vary on the skill of the folder and also the thickness, age and quality of paper. Thinner pages work better than thick and the crisper the fold you can get, the neater the pattern will be.

I have a customer support group on Facebook which you can join for tutorials, tips and advice.
All in the folds – customer support, tutorials, hints and tips


19 MMF patterns– Measure, Mark and Fold (no cutting, 2 marks per page)
53 CF patterns– Cut and Fold (Inverted or embossed style, Most can also be made as combi but may need a few tweaks)
125 Combi patterns– Combination cut and fold (Fold 1st and last marks of each page – DO NOT CUT THEM)
28 Shadow patterns– Cut and Fold patterns with inset pages which are left unfolded to create a ‘shadow’ effect.
75 Multi Layer patterns– Cut and fold patterns with Multi Layers to cut, Each pattern has 2 pdfs,

1. Will you be my Valentine? In heart Combi
2. 2 Doves CF
3. Stethoscope heart Combi
4. French Bulldog Shadow
5. Bulldog sitting Shadow
6. Bulldog 2 Shadow
7. Celtic tree of life CF
8. Dove with cross Combi
9. Golden Retriever Shadow
10. RN Stethoscope Combi
11. Lion head 2 Shadow
12. Fish tank Combi
13. Yin Yang heart Combi
14. Horse head Combi
15. German Shepherd short haired Shadow
16. Staffy Shadow
17. Bulldog Horizontal Shadow
18. It’s a boy baby feet Combi
19. It’s a girl baby feet Combi
20. Fiance in heart Combi
21. Best Friend in heart Combi
22. Music with icons Horizontal CF
23. Wifey in heart Combi
24. Will you be my Wife in heart Combi
25. Will you be my Husband in heart Combi
26. God is greater than the highs and lows CF
27. Will you Marry me in heart Combi
28. Ballerina in Heart 1 Combi
29. Ballerina in Heart 2 Combi
30. Eye Chart Combi
31. German Shepherd long haired Shadow
32. Fish hook heart Combi
33. Family tree V2 CF
34. Love Music CF
35. Cocker Spaniel Shadow
36. Love MMF
37. Heart and Paws infinity Horizontal Combi
38. Heart and Paws infinity Horizontal CF
39. Truly Madly Deeply CF
40. Truly Madly Deeply in heart Combi
41. Bear in the woods Shadow
42. Fleur de lis Combi
43. Queen Nefertiti Shadow
44. Love in heart MMF
45. Dragonflies CF
46. Butterflies 2 CF
47. 3 Butterflies MMF
48. Love with paw in Art Deco Alphabet Combi
49. 4 Butterflies sillhouettes CF
50. Aunty in heart Combi
51. Graduation cap 2018 MMF
52. Simple Flower cut and fold MMF
53. Mom with flowers CF
54. Ship in a bottle horizontal Combi
55. Mam in heart frame Combi
56. Acoustic guitar MMF
57. Mum in hearts vertical CF
58. Mom in heart frame Combi
59. Nan in hearts vertical CF
60. Tiger Shadow
61. Fancy egg Combi
62. Butterflies CF
63. Butterfly 3 Combi
64. Anchor Combi
65. Mom in hearts vertical CF
66. Simple Flower MMF
67. Buckhead Shadow
68. Live Laugh Love CF
69. Mandala 2 Combi
70. Butterfly 4 MMF
71. Sister in heart frame Combi
72. Mam in hearts vertical CF
73. Live Laugh Love in heart Combi
74. Celtic shamrock Combi
75. Nana in heart frame Combi
76. Mandala Combi
77. Mum in heart frame Combi
78. Bestie in heart Combi
79. Horse head Shadow
80. Baby feet with hearts Combi
81. Gran in heart frame Combi
82. Hubby in heart Combi
83. Westie Shadow
84. Shamrock MMF
85. Hope Anchor in heart Combi
86. Ship in a bottle horizontal Shadow
87. 30th with butterfly CF
88. Oh for Peeps sake! CF
89. Cross in egg Combi
90. Paw with wings horizontal CF
91. Sugar skull with cross Combi
92. Heart of Hearts CF
93. Hope Anchor CF
94. Bakers heart Combi
95. Thors’ Hammer Combi
96. Floral heart Combi
97. Fox cub Combi
98. Fox cub Shadow
99. Aztec sun CF
100. Buddha Shadow
101. Horse shoe and heart MMF
102. 30 in heart frame Combi
103. Nanny in vase Combi
104. Happy Birthday in vase Combi
105. Empty heart frame Combi
106. Dachshund Shadow
107. Nan in heart frame Combi
108. Read V2 MMF
109. Puffin Combi
110. Welly MMF
111. Rose horizontal CF
112. Owl 4 Combi
113. Welly with Dad Combi
114. Tabby Cat Shadow
115. Cowboy boot Combi
116. Ganesha Shadow
117. Ganesha Combi
118. 65 in heart MMF
119. Give Cancer the boot Combi
120. Blame it all on my roots Combi
121. Dreamer CF
122. Owl 5 Combi
123. Three cats Combi
124. Hairdressers heart Combi
125. Shark horizontal Shadow
126. Butterfly Mom Multi layer
127. Butterfly Love Multi layer
128. Yoda Best Dad Ever CF
129. Yoda Best Teacher Ever CF
130. Always Deathly Hallows Multi layer
131. Always with Doe Multi layer
132. Love Hope Faith Cross Multi layer
133. Faith with Cross Multi layer
134. Ballerina with Dance Multi layer
135. Teach CF
136. Heart Mom Multi layer
137. Heart Mum Multi layer
138. Butterfly Mum Multi layer
139. Butterfly Nan Multi layer
140. Butterfly Sister Multi layer
141. Nurse Stethoscope Multi layer
142. Heart Love Multi layer
143. Mandala 3 Combi
144. Heart Dream Multi layer
145. Harry CF
146. Cute Elephant Combi
147. Georgia Multi layer
148. Blessed in heart Combi
149. Florida Multi layer
150. Heart Home Multi layer
151. Heart (beginner multi pattern)Multi layer
152. Minnesota Multi layer
153. Colorado Multi layer
154. Oregon Multi layer
155. Hawaii Multi layer
156. California Multi layer
157. Arkansas Multi layer
158. Arizona Multi layer
159. Texas Multi layer
160. Washington Multi layer
161. Washinton D.C. Multi layer
162. Delaware Multi layer
163. Class of 2018 CF
164. All mad here Combi
165. Wisconsin Multi layer
166. Heart Read Multi layer
167. Tennessee Multi layer
168. Heart Blessed Multi layer
169. Owl 6 Combi
170. You’re Awesome CF
171. Dad slanty Combi
172. Dad 3 Horizontal CF
173. Dad Football/Soccer ball Combi
174. Rose Combi
175. Love with Horse shoe Combi
176. Alabama Multi layer
177. Thank you Apple Multi layer
178. Family Tree Multi layer
179. Love in heart Combi
180. Grandad Hammer Combi
181. Dad Hammer Combi
182. Believe Unicorn CF
183. Unicorn Combi
184. Dad hammer Horizontal CF
185. Tikiman Combi
186. Live Love Teach CF
187. Dad in star Combi
188. Star MMF
189. Papa bear Combi
190. Daddy bear Combi
191. Unicorn head Combi
192. Sail boat Combi
193. Butterfly Mam Multi layer
194. Eagle Dream Catcher Shadow
195. Meditating Buddha Combi
196. Spain Multi layer
197. New York Multi layer
198. Texas Multi layer
199. Labrador Shadow
200. Wolf head Shadow
201. Heart treble clef Combi
202. Heart treble clef MMF
203. Kansas Multi layer
204. Oklahoma Multi layer
205. Unicorn face CF
206. Connecticut Multi layer
207. Michigan Multi layer
208. Indiana Multi layer
209. Alaska Multi layer
210. Illinois Multi layer
211. Idaho Multi layer
212. Pennsylvania Multi layer
213. Sunflower Multi layer
214. South Carolina Multi layer
215. Kentucky Multi layer
216. Maine Multi layer
217. Iowa Multi layer
218. Louisiana Multi layer
219. Moon and stars Multi layer
220. Namaste Multi layer
221. Namaste with lotus CF
222. Giraffe CF
223. Lotus flower MMF
224. Wanderlust (with world map)Multi layer
225. Mandala 4 combi
226. Giraffe with Flower Multi layer
227. Iris Mum Multi layer
228. Love cats Horizontal CF
229. #1 Dad in rosette combi
230. Best Dad in rosette combi
231. Dad in stars combi
232. Woof combi
233. Hedgehog combi
234. Mandala 5 combi
235. Iris Mom Multi layer
236. Polaroid camera combi
237. Lillies Multi layer
238. Lillies CF
239. Dad in hearts combi
240. Infinity knot combi
241. Yorkshire Terrier Shadow
242. Yorkshire Terrier CF
243. Bonsai tree Multi layer
244. Home Sweet Home with paws combi
245. Thank you with Hedgehog combi
246. Thank you with Elephant combi
247. Welcome with rose Multi layer
248. Happy Birthday with Elephant combi
249. 80 in heart mmf
250. North Carolina Multi layer
251. Oklahoma with heart combi
252. Friends tree Multi layer
253. Masonic square and compass combi
254. Mandala 4 combi
255. Mandala 5 combi
256. Our 1st Xmas bauble combi
257. If the shoe fits CF
258. Mehndi flower combi
259. Reindeer face CF
260. Greek strength symbol CF
261. Skull shadow shadow
262. Pumpkin with witch hat combi
263. Pumpkin 4 MMF
264. Pumpkin 5 MMF
265. Christmas Angel combi
266. Merry Christmas with gingerbread man Multi layer
267. Merry Christmas with Angel Multi layer
268. Merry Christmas with bell Multi layer
269. Let it snow Multi layer
270. Cross with rose Multi layer
271. Home with snowflake CF
272. Snow with snowflake CF
273. Oh Deer combi
274. Deer bust combi
275. Baby’s 1st Xmas bauble combi
276. Unicorn Witch face Multi layer
277. Vampire lips combi
278. Vet heart (animal veterinarian)combi
279. Xmas with tree CF
280. 3 Gingerbread men combi
281. Santa crescent combi
282. Virginia Multi layer
283. Utah Multi layer
284. Floral heart frame combi
285. Turkey (bird) combi
286. Christmas tree window combi
287. Happy Thanksgiving CF
288. Home Sweet Home CF
289. Home Sweet Home 2 combi
290. Nativity window combi
291. Deer Floral combi
292. Lace snowflake combi
293. Lace Snowflake 2 combi
294. Christmas deer window combi
295. Nutcracker 1 combi
296. Nutcracker 2 combi
297. Nutcracker 3 combi
298. Believe horizontal CF
299. Hope horizontal CF
300. Peace horizontal CF


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