3 Yorkshire themed patterns Cut and Fold and MMF book folding patterns

£ 6.00


**To celebrate Yorkshire day these are on offer until Thursday 3rd August**

This listing is for a set of 3 Yorkshire themed patterns

  • Cut and fold ‘Yorkshire and proud​’ 500 pages,21cm
  • Cut and fold Yorkshire with rose 500 pages 21cm
  • MMF pattern of the Yorkshire rose, 496 pages, 20cm

    All my patterns use the measure and mark method and are in centimetres so you will receive a list of measurements for this not an image/graph

    All the patterns I sell have been designed by me, therefore the rights are mine. No part of the pattern is to be sold or shared. But you may sell the books you make using it.

Results will vary on the skill of the folder and also the thickness, age and quality of paper. Thinner pages work better than thick and the crisper the fold you can get, the neater the pattern will be.

I have a customer support group on Facebook which you can join for tutorials, tips and advice.
All in the folds – customer support, tutorials, hints and tips


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