Book folding Alphabets

Below you will find all current alphabets available.

They are arranged in size and style order.

  • MMF – Measure, Mark and Fold, these are the original book folding style with 2 marks per page and no cutting.
  • Cut & Fold – These have multiple marks per page and tabs are cut and folded in to create the designs.

You will see an extra listing on each section for a membership club. This is for access to all alphabets within that style. You will also get automatic access to any future alphabets in that style at no extra cost. E.g. The Full size MMF membership includes all 4 alphabets:

  • Aladin
  • Brave & Bold – Full size version
  • Full size Calligraphy
  • Harmony
  • plus any new ones I make will be added to the membership page in the future at no extra cost.

Full Size MMF Alphabets – 1 line only

Mini & Midi sized MMF Alphabets – 2 (some 3) liner measurements.

Full Size Cut & Fold Alphabets – 1 liner only
Mini Cut & Fold Alphabets – 2 &3 liner measurements included.
Super Mini Cut & Fold Alphabets

Up to 5 liner measurements included.

Super Mini Add-ons (Not included in any memberships)

Can be used alone or with 1st and 5th lines from the Super mini alphabets above.