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Beginner patterns with video tutorials

Choose the style you’d like to learn!

If you’re new to book folding you can choose either the MMF heart (no cutting involved) or you can dive right in to cut and fold with the Inspire pattern. (There are many styles of cut & fold which you acheive by changing what you do to the measurements, below is a styles run down video) I’ve also created the cut & fold masterclass where you can learn all the styles.

Once you’ve grasped the basics of cut and fold you can then try the multi layer cut & fold (these have 2 patterns to work through and you need to know the basics first)

This video goes over the styles of cut and fold. If you’d like to learn how to make them step by step take a look at the full Cut & Fold Masterclass

9 thoughts on “Beginner tutorials”

      1. ben.niemand

        Sorry to hear that, Jo. 😐 Hope you feel better soon! The book foldings were such a great help during this pandemic. Thank you so much for offering them.

  1. Hello, do you ever leave “spaces” between words when folding? for instance: Class of 2021
    and if so, do you leave the pages alone or fold them back in some way? thanks ~Kim

    1. allinthefolds

      Yes you’d add a few pages between words, 7 to 10 sheets depending on thickness and it would depend on the style for what you would do with them. You want them to blend in to whatever style you do. So mmf or combination cut and fold they’d be half folded

      Cut and fold – they’d be folded or left depending on style. If embossed then they’d be folded back 1cm to blend in with back. If invertered then they’d be left alone or if it’s a 180 base then they’d be folded back the same amount.

  2. markley.corliss

    I have the Heart Read MULTI FIRST LAYER EMBOSSED cut and fold pattern. I don’t see a tutorial for this. I tried doing the regular “cut and fold” method. The word “Read” looks great but I have no heart. What do I need to do differently?

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