How to book fold in the cut and fold styles

Still scared of cut and folds?? They aren’t as scary as it seems honest! “Easy for you to say Jo!”

But it isn’t! You just need to learn the basics first and then build on them in a methodical way to create the different styles. This is the main reason I created the Masterclass because people we’re getting lost with all the different styles and getting wrong, conflicting advice and gobbledegook patterns thrown their way.

Forget everything you’ve found on YouTube from just drawing your image on the front of the book, scoring angry lines on the pages *shudders* or needing a special ruler etc. and try this free Inspire pattern taken from the Cut & Fold Masterclass which covers all you need to get started.

Then you can decide if you would like to join me and learn the other methods with some exclusive patterns you will only find on the course. You could probably work out how to make some of the others on your own after watching this one but if you’re short on time and have enough ruined books to keep your chimnea going for a few seasons already then you may think it’s worth it to join the full course and you’ll get some invaluable tips thrown your way that I’ve picked up over the years too!

After all it’s only £2.00(US $2.58) per pattern/£2.40(US $3.09) per method to save your sanity!* I’ve kept the price low so as many people as possible can benefit. Really you’re just paying for the patterns used in the course. 

Cut & Fold Masterclass – Week 1 – Inverted method

You will find the Inspire cut and fold pattern plus the ‘centralising your pattern’ document under the video which helps you find your start page. I show you how to use this in the video. 

Ready for more?

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Cut and fold methods vidual with tags

*I’m not a therapist and sanity saving is not guaranteed. I’m just a crafter like you who would like to share what I’ve learnt and save some precious books and hours of your life.