beginners heart MMF

How to create a basic heart book fold

This video shows you what you need and how to start book folding.
The pattern for the heart is shown below so you can follow along and make your own!

Beginners Heart MMF Pattern
Beginners heart pattern measurements

Here’s a pdf version of the pattern if you’d like to download and print off a copy Beginners heart pattern

Once you’ve got the basics and would like to carry on you can register for a free account and grab some more free MMF patterns from this page!

Or if you fancy having a go at a cut and fold you’ll find the free Inspire pattern with step by step video here


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  1. margaretwood

    Good morning Jo. Thank you for sharing your excellent tutorials. The book I would like to use has 249 numbered pages. But there are 21 pages of introduction at the beginning. Do I leave those pages & then also leave 21 pages at the end? Also, how many pages do I leave after folding the first heart, to fit in the second heart. Thank you in advance for helping.

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