Free Multi Layer Heart pattern & Video

This file shows how to mark and cut each pattern separately as mentioned at the end of the video which was the original way to do them.

Once you’ve completed the heart multi layer there are more free patterns available monthly to members!

You can either log in to an existing account or register for a free account here to see what is currently available on the Multi layers free page

5 thoughts on “Heart Multi layer cut and fold”

  1. paigepatt08

    My first time trying this out and ive watched the video many times and i just dont understand what makes a fold odd or even? Im sure its probably simple but i dont want to mess it up. Thanks!

  2. enid.bramley

    Please could someone give me advise on how to complete The Nativity XL 2nd Pattern? I have watched the tutorial for the Heart but I cannot get my head around how to do the Nativity!! Help please! Thank you in advance. Enid 🙂

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