Father’s day themed pattern bundle

£ 8.00

Father’s day bundle 2021

This listing is for a bundle of Father’s day/Dad themed patterns

There are 2 zipped files attached. One with the original 53 patterns in PLUS one with extras I’ve made so far this year and will update as I create any new ones this year.


Patterns included in the download are listed below.

These are taken from all year clubs and bundled together. If you already have 2015-2021 clubs then you already have all these patterns.

 Namestylepagesheight cm
1Anchor DadMulti layer44021
2Best Dad Beer steinCut & Fold/Combi45020
3Best Dad WreathCut & Fold/Combi45021
4Best Dad RosetteCut & Fold/Combi42021
5Card SuitsCut & Fold/Combi53221
6Card SuitsMMF56623
7Curly MoustacheMMF43221
8Dad AnchorCut & Fold/Combi45021
9Dad beer steinMMF48620
10Dad Calligraphy fontMMF44620
11Dad FishMMF55021
12Dad HorizontalHorizontal CF25021
13Dad Aladin FontMMF27421
14Dad in American footballCut & Fold/Combi40021
15Dad in Black Chanery fontMMF48621
16Dad in heartshape Soccer ballCut & Fold/Combi45021
17Dad in midi Newton fontMMF26821
18Dad in t shirtMMF43621
19Dad in Timeless fontMMF22021
20Dad Horizontal 3Horizontal CF32020
21Daddy BearCut & Fold/Combi45021
22Dad in Football/Soccer ballCut & Fold/Combi50021
23Dad in HammerCut & Fold/Combi44021
24Dad in Hammer HorizontalHorizontal CF32021
25Dad in Flying starCut & Fold/Combi45021
26Dad in StarCut & Fold/Combi42021
27Dad in StarsCut & Fold/Combi45021
28Dad Slanty fontCut & Fold/Combi40020
29Dad verticalCut & Fold/Combi20021
30Dad with CogsCut & Fold/Combi45020
31Dad with Cogs horizontalHorizontal CF32023
32Dad’s RuleCut & Fold/Combi50021
33Fork and Trowel (gardening tools)MMF55620
34Grandad in heart shape Football/Soccer ballCut & Fold/Combi48021
35Grandad in Mini timesMMF60021
36Grandad hammerCut & Fold/Combi45021
37Hammer and nailMMF48220
38Hammer and WrenchMMF52821
39Happy Father’s Day with Horse headMulti layer61223
40Happy Father’s day WreathCut & Fold/Combi45021
41If Dad can’t fix itCut & Fold/Combi45021
42If Grandad can’t fix itCut & Fold/Combi45021
44Lorry with DadCut & Fold/Combi45021
45My Daddy in mini calligraphy fontMMF76021
46Number 1 Dad in RosetteCut & Fold/Combi42021
47Papa BearCut & Fold/Combi42021
48Super D logoMMF56221
49Superhero maskMMF40020
50Vertical Dad 2Cut & Fold/Combi20021
51Vertical PapaCut & Fold/Combi16020
52Welly with DadCut & Fold/Combi35021
53Yoda Best Dad EverCut & Fold/Combi40020


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