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Help installing your Foldsy software.

This is a windows security folder and will block anything else added there. Install on your desktop or programs folder.

Please note that the licence key isn’t automaticaly shown on your order if you’ve purchased the 5 day special offer.

Once I’ve manually checked payments I will be generating your key and linking to your account. It will appear as a note on your order page and also be emailed as a notification too.

Depending on the time of day and any time differences (I’m in the UK) there could be up to 12 hours delay in your licence being sent.

Trouble activating?
Getting an error when trying to activate your licence key? Make sure there are no spaces in front or behind the key and make sure no letters or dashes are missing. (Easiest way to reduce error is to copy and paste the key in. If that doesn’t work and you’re sure the key is correct email [email protected] with details of the error and your registered email.

A run through of Foldsy with tips.

Preview not showing?
  1. Name and save the pattern.
  2. Close down Foldsy and reopen.
  3. Click edit on your pattern and the preview will appear. It willl also appear on your next patterns straight away.

(A windows update has caused an issue with previews not showing on first pattern when opened. To get around this while it’s being fixed.Click edit on one of your older patterns. this seems to trigger the previews to show straight away. If you don’t do this then previews may not show on any pattern until you close down and reopen).

Foldsy tips
  • Watch the Foldsy run through video (above)

  • During set up, add your user details and any copyright info you’d like displaying on your pdf’s. (click the settings box to find and alter these at any time. Any alterations will take place on all pdf’s you create after making these changes).

  • Have images stored in their permanent place before using them.

  • If the preview doesn’t show on your first pattern, name and save it by clicking OK.

    1. Close down Foldsy and reopen.

    2. Click edit on your pattern and the preview will appear.

    3. It will now appear automatically on the next patterns you make.

  • Images need to be in black and white. You can’t run any image you find through google and expect it to work. Check the Make Patterns like a Pro course for how to make images properly. You will find it in your All in the folds account under memberships.

  • Make your canvas the same height as your book so you can see the correct size of images and spacing and set resolution as 300 pixels per inch.

  • Make sure all lines are at least 1mm thick otherwise you will have a lot of duplicates and a poor quality pattern.

  • Watermark your pdf images (see watermark video in pattern making course).

  • Check the size of your pdf image (750 px max height or 6cm max a good size).

  • Use 1 d.p. (decimal places) first then if it’s a pattern with high detail/tiny curve places then check how it would look with 2 d.p. this can really smooth out lines and increase quality of the finished book if you’re doing something with delicate curves or smaller writing.

  • Remember to click ‘Take measurements’ after changing any of the settings (e.g. if you see the preview and think it needs more pages, change the number then click take measurements and it will update the measurements and preview.) **If you have made any manual edits then clicking the button will lose them! If you want to keep your edited pattern then use the new pattern button and use the image again with the new style/amount of pages you’d like.

  • Use pattern naming feature while making the pattern (name of pattern, style, number of pages, height) this will save you time and confusion later on.

  • Check measurement cells for duplicates, these are highlighted in red. If you have a high detailed pattern make sure you scroll over to see all the measurements of each page (click here for the Foldsy run through video)

  • If you go back into a pattern to change something, e.g. the patterns photo for the pdf. Make sure you want to overwrite the original pdf copy before clicking yes. (part of the naming pattern correctly here will avoid any duplicates which are actually different patterns).

  • If you use the CSV files to make spreadsheets remember to save as xlsx so all your formatting is saved. Otherwise it will revert back to the basic csv file format.

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