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Learn how to make your own Book Folding Patterns with the Make Patterns like a Pro course and Foldsy Book Folding Software!

Here's some of the Frequently Asked Questions I've been getting....

Q. Do I need Photoshop to use the software?


You don’t need Photoshop for Foldsy, you can use any image making software you want. The course I made is using Photoshop though because it the only one I’ve found with all the right tools and settings. There is a link to get a 7 day free trial on the course page. But you can transfer the lessons into any software you’re comfortable with using. The main difficulties you may find is when making words because I can’t find any that allow you to change text as well as Photoshop does. Images are fine in any and the tips on sizing etc are universal and will improve your patterns 🙂


Q. If I buy a new laptop in the future can I transfer my Foldsy over?


If/when you purchase a new laptop send me an email and I will send you a new activation code no problem and the software will always be in your orders to download again if needed.


Q. Will this Work on a Mac?


At the moment there’s only a Windows version available. The Mac version is in development. If you’d like to be updated to when it’s available sign up to the Mac list that you’ll find further down on this page.


Q. Will it work on a Chromebook?


Unfortunately not. It needs a full Operating system of Windows version 7, 8 or 10 and works best on laptops no more than 10 years old.


Q. How many activations does the software have? Can it run on more than one laptop?


Each Purchase comes with one licence which can be active on one device only. I will however happily send you a new key if you buy a new laptop or have problems which cause your laptop to need factory resetting (Makes me want to cry just thinking about a factory reset! argh)

Q. Is there a maximum number of cuts per page?


Q. Is there a subscription? Do I have to purchase again yearly?

Nope! Buy it once and it’s yours as long as you want to use it for!

Q. Is there a limit on how many patterns I can make?

Nope! Make as many as you want.

Q. Is there a min/max number of pages and book height?

Nope! The preview may struggle if you decide to make a 5cm book with 1000 pages but it will still create the pattern for you!

Q. Can I sell the patterns I make with it?


Of course! The patterns you design and run through the software are yours to do with as you please.


Question not here? Send me a message below and I'll get back to you!

Foldsy Mac Version

Foldsy for Mac isn’t quite ready yet but if you want to be the first to know when it is and get an exclusive offer, leave me your details below!

Thanks! Keep an eye on your inbox for updates.

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