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Recommended 2nd pattern for beginners

Home with heart as o

This pattern is a great second pattern to try as a beginner as it introduced something you’ll come across often in MMF patterns.
When the page wont fold to 90 degrees.
* Fold close to the spine
* Fold back the overlapping corner and crease the fold to mark it.
* Trim it off!

Home heart as o in bold times font
folds that wont go to 90 degrees
What to do with folds that don’t go to 90 degrees

If there are only a few overlapping corners then you may choose to leave them in the book. But if there are many, all at the same point of the page, they will put stress on the spine and create gaps in your finished book.

MMF Charity Patterns

Free MMF Patterns

Free Cut and Fold Patterns

Haven’t tried a cut and fold before?
Take a look here at the free Cut and Fold Inspire Patter and video lesson

Any pattern, Any style.

Most cut and folds can be made in any of the cut and fold styles using the same measurements…

  • Inverted cut & fold – cut all marks then folds in the even tabs.
  • Embossed cut & fold – cut all marks then fold in the odd tabs.
  • Combination cut and fold – Do not cut first and last marks of each page, fold them to 90 degrees instead (like MMF). cut and fold the rest.

You can also do the 180 style on them too. If you’d like some tips on how, take a look at the 180 Blog

Charity patterns – These are NOT FOR MAKING PERSONAL PROFIT with.
Feel free to use for fundraising & gifting.

Free Multi Layer Cut and fold Patterns

Haven’t attempted a Multi Layer pattern yet?
Try the Heart Multi Layer tutorial here 

Fancy making your own patterns?

Take a look at Foldsy® Book folding software and I’ll show you how with the included step by step courses!

photo of completed pattern Make Patterns like a pro cover photoshop

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