Labrador – Cut and fold book folding pattern

£ 3.00


Cut and fold
400 numbered pages
central in 21cm


The photo shows this pattern made with a 180 base and black cardstock tucked in to fill the inverted cut area.

This can be made in many of the Cut and fold styles using the same pattern.

Inverted cut and fold = Cut all tabs and fold the EVEN tabs

Embossed cut and fold = Cut all tabs and fold the ODD tabs

Combination cut and fold = Fold first and last marks of each page (Don’t cut them) Cut and fold the rest of the tabs.

Shadow cut and fold = ‘skip’ every other page of measurements and cut and fold the rest in the inverted method.
I don’t recommend shadow with this pattern because there wouldn’t be much detail left. There is a shadow version here with more pages which will be better quality if you prefer the shadow style


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