Mini MMF Alphabets club membership

£ 15.00

This listing is to purchase membership for the Mini size MMF alphabet club.

This will get you access to the all the Mini size MMF alphabets currently available.

After purchase, go to ‘my account’ then click ‘memberships’ and you will find links to all the membership pages you have access to.


This listing is for ALL Mini MMF alphabets (& midi size with 2 liner measurements)
These all come with 2 liner measurements included.

  1. Mini Calligraphy (more midi size with 2 liner measurements) Capitals 5.6cm Lower 4cm
  2. Mini Brave and bold – includes 2 & 3 liner measurements. Capitals 3.6cm lower 2.5
  3. Mini Petrock – 2 liner measurements included + adjustments explained for 3 liner. Capitals 4.5 lower 3cm
  4. Midi Newton – midi size with 2 liner measurements. Capitals 6cm lower 4.2
  5. Mini TImeless – 2 liner measurements. Capitals 4.6cm lower 3.3cm


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