MOTHER Anagram (Lovely version) – MULTI LAYER cut and fold pattern. *Instructions included*

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MOTHER Anagram (Lovely version)
Multi Layer Cut and Fold*
510 pages, 23cm
3630 marks


You will receive one pdf file which containing the pattern with the MOTHER layer highlighted, and a pdf containing instructions on how to make Multi layer patterns.

You choose which layer to emboss/invert. The photo shows the highlighted marks as the 2nd layer – Inverted

*You can also make this pattern as a regular, one layer cut and fold.

Marking up each layer separately
The first layer is the embossed layer. Mark it up and cut and fold it.(Odd tabs folded ) you may have some blank pages either side of the measurements which say ‘no cuts’ or are blank on the pattern. These need folding in 1cm or the same depth as your other pages, these will be used by the 2nd layer.

After completing the 1st layer, you then need to mark up the second layer, mark this on the folded over edge of the first layer. then carefully cut and fold the inverted layer. (even tabs folded)

There’s also a video lesson and free pattern for beginners of Multi Layers
that you’ll find on the link below

Heart Multi layer cut and fold video


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