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Is book height important?

Is book height important? Have you ever found the perfect book for a pattern to then realise it’s not the same height as the pattern states? ARGH! That’s more than likely a yes! Will the pattern still fit in my book?? When this happens we can be unsure and not

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Learn to book fold
Measure Mark and Fold method (MMF)

How to book fold

You probably stumbled across a photo or two on social media or maybe you or a friend received a book fold as a gift and were intrigued to how it was done so started searching and found me YAY! For me it was Pinterest. So many amazing book sculptures and

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showing a page half folded as a spacer page
Measure Mark and Fold method (MMF)

What is a half fold?

What is a half fold?  You may have come across the term ‘half fold’ in a book folding pattern or you could have been told to use them to create a gap between words or to separate letters which merge together. But what the heck is a half fold?? Here’s

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