Peeking cat – Shadow cut and fold pattern

£ 3.00

Peeking cat
Shadow cut and fold

592 numbered pages, central in 21cm


This listing is for the Shadow Cut and Fold pattern ‘Peeking cat’

You will need a hardback book with minimum of 592 numbered pages and it is central in 21cm, a pencil and a ruler and a pair of sharp craft scissors.

If you are a beginner I have a video here to show you how to do the cut & fold style. The shadow style has every other page ‘skipped’ which means no marks or cuts are on it.

Cut & Fold Masterclass video

Please note: the photo shows the pattern made with a 180 base, this means the pages were folded back 1cm before marking up, this gives the book a fuller look. It can also be made as a regular cut and fold.

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