Flourishing Monograms FULL SET A to Z. NEW for 2019

£10.00 £7.50

Flourishing Monograms A to Z

400 numbered pages

(I & J 350 pages, M & W 450 pages)

central in 21cm

This listing is for the FULL SET of Flourishing Monograms A to Z

They are 400 pages (I & J 350 pages, M & W 450 pages) and are central in 21cm

These can be made in any of the cut and fold styles as shown in the photo, the measurements are the same, it’s what you do with the marks which changes the style!

  • Regular inverted = cut all marks and fold in the EVEN tabs
  • Embossed cut and fold = cut all marks and fold in the ODD tabs
  • 180 style = Fold back the pages 1cm before starting then make as an inverted pattern

All the patterns I sell have been designed by me, therefore the rights are mine. No part of the pattern is to be sold or shared. But you may sell the books you make using it.

Results will vary on the skill of the folder and also the thickness, age and quality of paper. Thinner pages work better than thick and the crisper the fold you can get, the neater the pattern will be.


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