Full size MMF Alphabets club membership

£30.00 £12.50

This listing is to purchase membership for the Full size MMF alphabet club.

This will get you access to the all the Full size MMF alphabets currently available.

Units Sold: 1

This listing is for ALL Full size MMF Alphabets (& Midi Petrock)
These all have one liner measurements only and capitals are approx 8cm (Midi Petrock 6.5cm) 

  1. Aladin. Capitals 8 cm lower 5 cm
  2. Brave & Bold. Capitals 8.4 cm lower 5.8 cm
  3. Calligraphy. Capitals 8.5 cm lower 5 cm
  4. Midi Petrock. Capitals 6.5 cm lower 4.5 cm
  5. ​Harmony. Capitals 8.6 cm lower 6.1 cm


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