Happy Full size Cut & Fold Alphabet


Happy Alphabet

Full size Cut and fold style

This can be made in any of the cut and fold styles, with or without a 180 base

There’s a blog post about how to use it as a a regular cut and fold here to overlap certain letters measurements to help it flow better Happy Alphabet

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Full Alphabet measurements for the Happy Cut and fold Alphabet


Includes Upper and lower case, numbers, hearts and punctuation.

Capitals average 7.5 cm (some slightly higher/lower depending on the letter) lowercase a,o etc 3.7 cm

If using it as normal cut and fold leave a sheet or two between each letter for definition. The combination method doesn’t need any spacing sheets.


This Alpha is a little different as it has some letters which need to overlap.

Full instructions are included and there’s also a post about it here 


This is also included in the Full Size Cut and Fold club.

Pay once and get ALL Full size Cut & Fold alphabets even future ones at no extra cost!



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