Fireplace Pack – set of 7 – Christmas book folding patterns


Fireplace Pack of 7 patterns

1- Combination cut and fold, 500 pages 21cm
2 x Fireplace 2 (with and without a fire shape) 550 pages, 21cm
2 x Fireplace 3 HORIZONTAL (with and without a fire shape) 380 pages, 23cm
2 x Fireplace 4 (with and without a fire shape) 450 pages, 21cm

no fire versions are to add a battery tealight too. Cut the hole 4cm deep.


This can be made in any of the Cut and fold styles using the same pattern.

I recommend either Combination or Embossed for these so the detail shows best.

Embossed cut and fold = Cut all tabs and fold the ODD tabs

Combination cut and fold = Fold first and last marks of each page (Don’t cut them) Cut and fold the rest of the tabs.


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