Foldsy Book Folding Software (Windows x32-Bit version) Including Pattern Making Course Basics


Foldsy Book Folding Software plus Make Patterns like a Pro – The Basics


This listing is for 32-bit Windows systems. You will find the 64-bit Lising here

Please check which system your laptop is using before purchase.

Go to settings > system > then scroll down to ‘About’

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Foldsy Book Folding Software for Windows and

Make Patterns like a Pro course – The Basics


Foldsy Book Folding Software

  • Make your own Book Folding Patterns with Foldsy Book Folding Software in SECONDS!
  • MMF Patterns, Cut and Fold styles including Shadow and with or without inset pages.
  • preview and pattern made in SECONDS
  • Make pdf’s of your patterns or export to csv (for spreadsheets!)
  • 1 and 2 decimal places (for high detail/tiny smooth curves)
  • No daily pattern making limits
  • No Subscription costs – Buy it once, it’s yours!
  • Unlimited marks per page
  • Unlimited book height
  • Unlimited number of pages
  • Add photos to your pdfs
  • High quality preview screen with an awesome cross reference guide to pinpoint in seconds where that rogue measurement is.
  • Duplicate marks highlighted for easy editing
  • Edit measurements and view preview on the same screen, saves so much time having them both together.
  • Lightweight program – wont slow your system down as your pattern collection grows
  • Easy search feature to find a previous pattern by any word in the patterns title
  • Easily change style, number of pages and height and update in seconds to find the best settings for your pattern.
  • The Basics – Pattern Making course included – learn how to make good quality images and how to make each style. (Full lesson list further down)


Make Patterns like a Pro Pattern Making Course – The Basics Lesson list:

Included with all Foldsy purchases is a Pattern Making course so you can become a Pattern Maker straight away, without the guess work.

  1. Setting up Photoshop
  2. Finding fonts online and how to install for use
  3. Finding quality images online (legally)
  4. Finding and using CSH images in Photoshop – plus links to two packs of hearts.
  5. Making an MMF Word pattern
  6. Making an MMF shapes image
  7. Creating MMF text patterns with Foldsy
  8. Creating MMF Shape patterns with Foldsy
  9. Making Cut and Fold Word images
  10. Making Cut and Fold Shape images
  11. Creating Cut and Fold patterns in Foldsy
  12. Making a Combination Cut and Fold
  13. Creating a Combination Cut and Fold pattern in Foldsy
  14. Making Shadow cut and fold images. Plus using and editing images from other sources. (Boston terrier image included to practice with!)
  15. How to watermark your images in Photoshop and resizing to add to pdfs
  16. Patterns with inset pages – Pro’s and Con’s

The Course is taught in Photoshop but many of the lessons are universal and can be followed in other software.


Take a look at the Foldsy page for more info, video run throughs and Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have questions after that feel free to email [email protected] and I’ll get back to you asap!

System requirements

This listing is for 32-bit Windows systems. You will find the 64-bit Lising here

Please check which system your laptop is using before purchase.

Go to settings > system > then scroll down to ‘About’

Foldsy Book Folding Software requires Windows 7, 8 or 10 running on a laptop no older than 10 years old is recommended. If your laptop/computer is older than this then it’s not guaranteed to work properly and we cannot offer support/fixes for any errors due to this*.

It will not work on a Chromebook.

Windows 8 and 10 are recommended and run the smoothest with laptops/desktops under 5 years old.

*If you do try on an older system and it doesn’t work then a full refund will be given and you agree to delete all Foldsy files from your system and the licence key will be deactivated on our systems.

For help on installing take a look at this video. (make sure there are no spaces either side of the licence)

Please make sure you don’t install Foldsy too deep in your system. It will not work in the system32 folder. It can be installed in Program files or on the Desktop.

You can find the Software terms here and User licence agreements here. You will also receive a copy with your order.

Accepting these agreements at checkout, downloading and activating the software waives your right to a refund and 14 day cooling off period rights. Make sure you want to keep and use the software before purchasing.


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