Make Patterns like a Pro course (Course only)


Already have Pattern making software you’re happy with but woud like help withthe image making part?

This listing is for the Make Patterns like a Pro course.

Please note there are references to Foldsy in the course when showing what to look for in the pattern previews but this will still give you an idea of what to look for in your chosen software.

The Full Make Patterns like a Pro Course Lesson list:

  1. Setting up Photoshop
  2. Finding fonts online and how to install for use
  3. Finding quality images online (legally)
  4. Finding and using CSH images in Photoshop – plus links to two packs of hearts.
  5. Making an MMF Word pattern
  6. Making an MMf shapes image
  7. Creating MMF text patterns with Foldsy
  8. Creating MMF Shape patterns with Foldsy
  9. Making Cut and Fold Word images
  10. Things to look out for with Fonts
  11. Making Cut and Fold shape images
  12. Creating cut and fold patterns in Foldsy
  13. How to alter a Cut and Fold to work better as a Combination cut and fold
  14. Making a Combination cut and fold – Heart with word inside
  15. Creating a Combination cut and fold pattern in Foldsy
  16. Making Shadow cut and fold images. Plus using and editing images from other sources. (Boston terrier image included to practice with!)
  17. How to watermark your images in Photoshop
  18. Patterns with inset pages – Pro’s and Con’s
  19. Making Vertical cut and fold images
  20. Creating Vertical cut and fold patterns in Foldsy
  21. Making Horizontal cut and fold images
  22. Creating Horizontal cut and fold patterns in Foldsy
  23. Making Multi layer pattern images (no overlaps)
  24. Creating Multi Layer patterns in Foldsy
  25. Multi layers with overlapping parts
  26. Making Portrait patterns from your photo

The Course is taught in Photoshop but many of the lessons are universal and can be followed in other software. If you are looking for free options take a look at Inkscape or GIMP but be aware as they are free they are not fully supported, do glitch and certain parts of the course won’t be as easy (e.g. the text patterns) beause they are limited with what/how you can tweak things.


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