Super Cali Cut and Fold Book Folding Alphabet! up to 5 lines, measurements included! Includes bonus heart

£ 9.50


Full Alphabet measurements for the Super Cali Cut and fold Alphabet

Includes Upper and lower case, numbers, hearts and punctuation.

Capitals 2.8cm lowercase a,o etc 2.2cm,

Made for 21cm books. If using tail letters on the 5th line you may want to use a slightly taller book if you prefer to use ribbon along the bottom.

The capitals are shown in a 22cm book, lowercase 23cm and the heart pattern 20cm.

It can be made in any of the cut and fold styles, including multi layer as shown with the heart pattern. If you’d like to use it as a shadow I recommend doubling your page count instead of skipping a page of measurements.

If using it as normal cut and fold leave a sheet or two between each letter for definition. 10-20 sheets between words. 10 will work for combi and embossed method, more will be needed for inverted to created a nice gap The combination method doesn’t need any spacing sheets between letters, only words.

FREE BONUS Heart add on for use with the 1st and 5th Line measurements to create your own custom designs. More Add-ons coming soon!


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