The Lords Prayer Swirl- Cut and Fold pattern

£ 3.20

The Lords Prayer Swirl
Cut and Fold
790 numbered pages
central in 24 cm
12720 marks

Please note: This pattern uses and needs 2 decimal place markings. 
e.g. 12.35cm which is marked between 12.3 and 12.4.
This smooths out the lines and gives the letters better definition due to their size. If you ignore the 2nd decimal place the pattern may still work ok but it wont be as smooth




This listing is for a CUT AND FOLD style book folding pattern

Also included within the 2022 club with 200+ patterns

Most cut and folds can be made in any of the cut and fold styles using the same measurements…

  • Inverted cut & fold – cut all marks then folds in the even tabs.
  • Embossed cut & fold – cut all marks then fold in the odd tabs.
  • Combination cut and fold – Do not cut first and last marks of each page, fold them to 90 degrees instead (like MMF). cut and fold the rest.

You can also do the 180 style on them too. If you’d like some tips on how, take a look at the 180 Blog


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