Updating Foldsy

Log into your account at allinthefolds.co.uk and got to your orders page.
Download the Foldsy Software. (this has the updated files in)

Does your Foldsy folder contain the 1.bmp file? (the Foldsy you have been using on your laptop/PC)

*It may just show as the number 1 if you don’t have file extensions showing on your device


Swap only the Foldsy.exe file from the new folder.


  1. Swap the Foldsy.exe file
  2. Add the 1.bmp file

Everyone should update to this version.

There are a few tweaks like an

  • added sidebar on the pattern library.
  • The deleting measurement pairs is now more stable (sometimes it would add zeros instead of moving the measurements over)
  • Pdf prints to A4
  • Pdf file size is at least 5 times smaller!
  • The software automatically shrinks the image to fit the pdfs.

You no longer need to shrink your image to 6cm for the pdfs HOWEVER you still can if you choose to and it slightly reduces the file size a little more.

Jpegs of the same size (in cm) are smaller in file size so you could save an extra image with the watermarks as jpeg (add pp (pattern photo) or something extra to the name, even a 1, so it doesn’t overwrite your actual pattern image.

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