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Happy Easter with bunny add on and super cali alphabet

How to use a super mini alphabet and the add-ons

How to use Super Mini Alphabets with add-ons. Using a cut and fold alphabet This post will guide you through how cut and fold alphabets work. I will be using the Super Cali Alphabet as the example which has up to 5 lines of text, but it will give you

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How to do the 180 fold cover

How to master the 180 fold

How to master the 180 fold. You may have seen the term ‘180’ or ‘180 base’ being mentioned when someone has posted a photo of their book fold. ‘Done in 180’ it reads, or in the comments, ‘Did you 180 it?’ Many ask this without even knowing what the term

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showing how to centralise a book folding pattern
Measure Mark and Fold method (MMF)

How do I work out my start page?

How do I work out my start page? PSST!…..Scroll straight to the bottom for TWO interactive Start page Calculators, One basic and one which includes unnumbered pages too! How do I work out my start page? Is something that can really trip you up when you’re just starting to learn

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