Are you looking for where to start with the art of book folding?

Here you will find help to get you started with this rewarding craft!
If you’re a beginner then I recommend starting with the beginners heart pattern in the regular Measure, Mark and Fold style (MMF) There is also a video showing how to make it from start to finish. Click here or on the photo to be taken the beginner tutorial.

Or if you’d prefer to have a go at the cut and folds there is a free cut and fold inspire pattern with video here. There’s also the full cut & fold masterclass course you can take to learn all the styles and own some exclusive patterns only available on the course.

The Cut & Fold Masterclass will teach you all about the cut and fold methods and  styles. Whether you are wanting a new hobby or your own little business, this course will help you learn each technique and give you tips I’ve picked up over the years to improve your accuracy and quality. The course include all the patterns you’ll need to make all the books in the photo on the left!

Happy Folding!

Jo x

Latest Patterns

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How to master the 180 fold. You may have seen the term ‘180’ or ‘180 base’ being mentioned when someone has posted a photo of their book fold. ‘Done in 180’ it reads, or in the comments, ‘Did you 180 it?’ Many ask this without even knowing what the term

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How do I work out my start page?

How do I work out my start page? PSST!…..Scroll straight to the bottom for TWO interactive Start page Calculators, One basic and one which includes unnumbered pages too! How do I work out my start page? Is something that can really trip you up when you’re just starting to learn

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Is book height important?

Is book height important? Have you ever found the perfect book for a pattern to then realise it’s not the same height as the pattern states? ARGH! That’s more than likely a yes! Will the pattern still fit in my book?? When this happens we can be unsure and not

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